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REACH a child.

Sad children

RESTORE a family.

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RENEW a community.

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Literacy to Success was founded as a result of 5 for 5, Inc., a nonprofit started in 2014, to increase graduation rates in low-income areas.  Through 5 for 5, Literacy to Success was birth as a tool to increase the graduation rate amongst children in need.  Our studies found there is a significant relationship between 3rd graders reading on grade-level and high school graduates being ready for college or a career.  Our nonprofit exists to help children succeed, despite their socioeconomic status through Attendance Initiatives, Parent Engagement, and Literacy Camps.

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The mission of Literacy to Success is to  to dramatically improve high school graduation rates in all neighborhoods.

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Literacy to Success uses unique tools to provide Attendance InitiativesAcute Reading Intervention, and Housing.  Our Acute Reading Intervention is a written plan based on the Science of Reading.  Our Attendance Initiatives involves both the parents and the students.  Our housing program is designed to reform communities of high crime through homeownership.

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ATTENDANCE increases in schools.

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PARENTS develop a voice.


KIDS learn to read and graduate!

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